Is a commercial auction and liquidation company. Our head office is located in Vancouver, BC Canada. We conduct auction and liquidation sales throughout Canada at various locations. Every reasonable effort is made to ensure the security and safety of our offices and temporary locations where we conduct business.


Information collected during the day-to-day operations of our company is used solely for its original purpose and is not shared with ay other individual or company. Timeline Sales Corp. may share certain information with another party while in the process of conduction business for a client, but only for the benefit of this client and in a professional manner.


In Person By Absentee By Fax

Timeline Sales Corp. collects personal and corporate information during the Auction Registration process. This information enables us to contact auction bidders to discuss terms of sale, methods of payments and verify bidder authenticity.

This information is collected in writing by the bidder and provides the following information.

Name Company name Address
Phone number Fax number Date
Signature Tax resale number Email Address

This information is used internally and only for the completion of sales for a specific auction. A bidder must register and provide this information at each auction. We may contact a bidder by phone, fax, mail or e-mail to discuss method of payment, schedule for removal, or any other issue that might arise from the bidder’s attendance at an auction.

In the event that a court appointed Trustee or Receiver requests bidder information from a specific auction, Timeline Sales Corp. would provide only the Company name or Name of the bidder. Individual consigning clients would not have access to bidder information. Should a Trustee or Receiver need to contact a bidder, Timeline Sales Corp. would act as an intermediary.


Timeline Sales Corp. may use the services of Bidspotter.com or a similar company to broadcast an auction on the internet. We will collect the following information either internally or through Bidspotter.com, as outlined in their Privacy Policy.

Name Company name Address
Phone number Fax number Date
Signature Tax resale number Email Address

In order to verify Internet bidder authenticity, Timeline Sales Corp. may require a valid credit card number and expiry date from a registering Internet bidder. We may process a deposit charge as outlined in the Terms of Sale for a specific auction. Upon completion of the auction, Timeline Sales Corp. will process any charges on the card or complete a full refund of any deposit collected. We will provide this refund within the time frame as specified in the Terms of Sale of the auction and may require the bidder to sign a credit card authorization form.


Collected in Person

Through the use of terminals provided by TD Canada Trust and North Shore Credit Union, Timeline Sales Corp. processes payments by MasterCard, Visa and Interac. The individual institution, as explained in their Privacy Policies, protects this data transmitted by these terminals. The signed slip retained by us to verify sales is kept at our offices.

Collected by Fax, Phone or E-mail

To process deposits, Absentee & Internet purchases, Timeline Sales collects credit card information by fax, phone and e-mail. This information is used internally for the process of completing sales or verifying bidder authenticity. We may require a bidder to sign a credit card authorization form if the credit card is used for the purchase.

All correspondence containing credit card and debit card information and signatures is retained at our offices and is shared only with the credit card company or banking institution should they require a signed proof of purchase to verify a charge.


Timeline Sales Corp. collects the name and e-mail addresses of individuals who request information about upcoming auctions and sales. This information is collected on the Mailing List page of our web site and is provided to us by the individual. This information is used internally for marketing and advertising and is not shared with any other individual or company. Through the use of the blind carbon copy feature of our e-mail program, we send a personally addressed e-mail with a link to our Web site. No attachment is used or sent.

Our Web site www.timelinesales.com is hosted by Telus. Our electronic information and network is protected by technology provided by Telus and standard firewall protection as provided by our network configurations.


If you have any questions concerning our Privacy Policy as outlined above, please contact our office.

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