Pallet Racking

Economy Pallet Racking Vancouver

New Pallet Racking

Dimensions Capacity Price Weight
8′ Frame, 96″ x 42″ x 3″ 22,770lbs Sold
8′ Beam, 96″ x 4″ 4,062lbs $39 25lbs
9′ Beam, 108″ x 4.5″ 4,313lbs $44 33lbs

Our Vancouver warehouse has our new and used pallet racking in stock.
Delivery and set up is available.
Call for sizing of our new or used pallet racking. Vancouver 604 430 1071

Wire mesh decking

Wire Mesh Decking

42″ x 46″


42″ x 52″$39

2500 lbs. capacity UDL (uniformed distributed load)

Easy to install, simply drops into place.

Improves fire safety, protects product & employees.

In stock and ready for delivery & pick up in Vancouver today.