Pallet Jacks

Dock Plate

New Dock Plates
Bridge the gap between your dock & trucks safely
Skid resistant aluminum checkered dock plate
Safety legs secure plate between trucks & dock

Width x Depth x Rise Capacity
48″ x 36″ x 3″ 2,700lbs



Not for use with forklift

Standard Pallet jack

Our heavy duty pallet jacks have reinforced forks for great strength and durability. New style, new color and a thicker rubber handle make maneuvering easier. Oil-less bushings, plus a 1 year warranty on pump with a built-in overload valve and sealed hydraulic pump. A quality pallet jack for a great price.

Fork Length Capacity
48″ x 27″ 5,500lbs


Narrow Pallet Jack

Our narrow pallet jack is custom made for awkward pallets.  A quality pallet jack for a great price. Dock plates make loading to and from trucks, docks, and platforms a seamless process. 100% aluminum construction ensure strength and durability.

Fork Length x Width Capacity
48″ x 22.25″ 5,500lbs